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meet the winners!

the winners!

Congratulations to our Start Something with Alesse winners, Sarah Pirani & Costa Pavlou and Maike Van Niekerk! They’ve each won $5,000 and will be partnered with a mentor to help get their ideas started. Watch their videos and share their amazing ideas with your friends!

Sarah Pirani & Costa Pavlou SKYSPACE Studio
Sarah Pirani & Costa Pavlou SKYSPACE Studio

How do you recover functional, aesthetic green space in rapidly developing cities? Look upward! Sarah and Costa launched SKYSPACE Studio to design, install and maintain green roofs – vegetation planted over a roof’s waterproofing layer. Demand for green roofs is growing. They reduce energy consumption in buildings and the urban heat island effect, improve air quality and storm water management, and increase biodiversity. These landscape architecture grads have a combined background in design, entrepreneurship and green roof installation. They're ready to increase Toronto's residential green roof coverage.

Maike Van Niekerk Katrin's Karepackage
Maike Van Niekerk Katrin's Karepackage

In Newfoundland, the only place to get radiation cancer treatment is in St. John’s. However, the province only reimburses a fraction of travel costs, making treatment inaccessible for many low-income patients living outside of St. John's. Inspired by her mother Katrin, who died of breast cancer, Maike wants to change this inaccessibility by starting a fund to help pay for travel costs for cancer patients. In June 2014 she will kick-off fundraising for Katrin’s Karepackage by biking across the island, (about 1,040 km over 11 days) to symbolize cancer patients’ long journey to access treatment. Along the way she will give talks to raise awareness and funds, to give cancer patients a fighting chance.

All runners-up won aniPad* mini!
*iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc. Apple Inc. in no way endorses or sponsors the Start Something with Alesse contest.